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Re: First commit of Tamil translation for Debian Installer

>> Not exactly. We have installer/build/needed-characters, that's all.
>It has crossed my mind several times to use that info for font
>stripping, but I never did it.
>The main problem is the fact that consecutive codes should be
>condensed in ranges and I didn't figured yet how to do this.
>OTOH, now I remember that I was told at some point that the
>information from those files is no longer used and this info is
>actually gathered from the msgstrs from the po files. Is this true?

yesterday I managed to extend the spellchecker as to give infos about 
the codepoints used for each language on each level; it still needs some
minor fixes and has not been committed yet. The good thing about it is that 
informations are up to date with the very latest version od the po files.

More about this in the next few days.


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