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Bug#253404: Bug #253404: Set root's locale to POSIX on the installed system for "complex" (CJK, Indic, RTL...) languages

On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 06:44:14PM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Then, in localechooser's post-base-installer, the script populated
> /target/root/.profile with "LANG=C", "LANGUAGE=C" and a comment to
> explain why this is done this way.

I haven't read or tested this patch, but by the description I like this
idea: it's on a language-by-language basis so that the l10n teams can
always decide independently whether they want this feature or not; it's
also easy for the user to revert back in case he/she has some way to
display his/her script on linux console.

There are, of course, still problems this patch can't solve:

1. I believe (at least from what I heard from Chinese user community)
setting root's locale environment only solve half of the problem.  CJK
users want their ordinary user's linux console with C locale too.  The
ideal situation would be C locale for console, and CJK locale for X.  I
think that's Muto-san's patch for #263575 wanted to do, but well, if
it's rejected, it's rejected.

2. The main problem this problem will solve, I believe, is the messed-up
debconf messages when users try to install packages at linux console.
And that's a very nice improvement.  However since the locale setting is
at /root/.profile, it requires the apt-get/dselect/aptitude command to
be run with this filed sourced.  In that case the commands
    $ su -c "apt-get ..."
    $ sudo apt-get ...
won't work (you need "su - -c" and "sudo -H" respectively).  But
unfortunately I can't propose a better place for such settings. :-(

But in general I think this patch is on the right direction and would
like to see it applied.  We can make improvement based on it.


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