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Bug#317165: Bug no longer applies to upcoming beta2


16 лютого 2006 о 19:02 +0100 Christian Perrier написав(-ла):
> I assume that this bug report about bad behaviour in 2nd stage when
> the user did choose a locale which differs from the default (for the
> BR, Eugenyi did choose uk_UA.UTF-8) is no longer relevant as we no
> more have any 2nd stage....
Well, I cannot reproduce this bug anymore because of console-cyrillic
configured in d-i. So keyboard works fine after reboot.

But there is one new problem: I cannot enter any Cyrillic characters in
d-i. I tryed different key combinations to switch to Cyrillic layout but
failed. Maybe d-i now uses different Ukrainian keyboard layout? Maybe
one that uses windows keys for swither? (I have no that keys).

> So I hereby suggest closing it (I'm not doing so to give other, and
> Eugenyi, a chance to react).

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov

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