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Re: RFS: SDLJump

On 2/17/06, Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca> wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 14:48 +0200, Eddy Petrişor wrote:
> > udeb definition, and there is no need for D-I to have such a huge
> > sledge hammer in order to break the tiny (vaporware) issue of game
> > loading
> Indulge me another moment, and then I'll shut up.  Aren't we just
> talking about one package header vs. another?  I just don't see the


> point in a new "X-" header just to flag this one aspect of game packages
> that could just as easily be implemented as a tag.  Or if it is a
> "sledgehammer" as you say,

The sledgehammer is debtags itself, not the actual tag; no user will
need without D-I an udeb (at least not one thatknows what he's doing
;-), only the installer will use udebs

the binary udeb package can have different tags than the binary deb,
with no problems; please document yourself about the purpose of udebs,
you will understand better. So having an X- header in the udeb will
not prevent the deb to have an associated debtags tag.

> I'm assuming a user
> might care about locating the subset of packages flagged as D-I game
> material outside of the context of doing an actual install.

I simply can't imagine that scenario. What would be the purpose?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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