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Re: [g-i] Indic scripts

> After discussion with Davide on IRC, I have uploaded a new version of
> ttf-freefont in unstable with the following changes:


> I'l try to take care of the package as well as possible but I'll 
> help for that probably as I'm not that deeply competent with
> font-related issues. Someone really maintaining it, even if not a 
> would be nice....and I can act as a sponsor.

I can help when needed; I'm not an expert with fonts either, but I can
certainly help testing any new version to see how it fits with the g-i

> The last two bits in the changelog may be confusing:

I was about to reply asking about that :)

> I indeed added the code to strip Hindi range from FreeSans fonts, 
> it is currently commented. Same for Punjabi range and Bengali range.

that makes alot of sense indeed.
Thanx again


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