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Re: [MEETINGS] Next D-I team meeting: reschedule to March 8th or 4th?

On Wednesday 15 February 2006 07:19, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Given the recent status update posted by Frans, I think that
> scheduling the D-I team meeting for Feb 22th, as initially proposed in
> the report of the last meeting, would not be wise.

I would suggest March 4. We can celebrate the new release with virtual 
beers/whiskey/orange juice :-)

Some ideas for the next release:
- start active work on persistent device naming (probably set a separate
  meeting with involved/interested people to examine options)
- find a flexible method to reorder menu items for certain installation
  methods; option to drop menu items for an installation
  use cases:
  - network-console after loading extra components (#288053)
  - language-chooser after network-console
    (S/390 and sercon installs; only if network-console is on initrd)
  - don't offer 'start a shell' in G-I (as it won't work)
- 2.6 based floppies?
- look into implementation of Silvain's work on lowmem

Minor things:
- modify daily build script to insert arch name by default in upload path

Goal for next release:
- g-i integration (should be possible now that libs problem has been

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