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Re: installing etch on a PowerWave 604|120

On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 05:15:21PM -0800, petereasthope wrote:
> Sven and others,
> sl> Try the daily builds, ...
> OK.  The PowerWave 604|132 boots from the "new" 
> diskette.
> The PowerWave 604|120 spits out the same diskette. 
> I tried two diskettes.  The 120 rejects both.
> Can this be another problem with the installer?

Not sure. Most probably a problem with your drive, which of the floppies was
this, the kernel (boot.img) one or the root one ?

> If I install the system to a drive in the 132 and then 
> move it to the 120, is the system likely to work there?

Yes, it should, you may need to dpkg-reconfigure your kernel package though.


Sven Luther

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