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Re: D-I Etch Beta2 release status & timeline - mips/mipsel

* Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> [2006-01-19 12:17]:
> We can use this time to do final uploads of udebs that we want in Beta2. 
> The following updates should be looked at:
> - uploads of arch-specific boot loader installers and partman modules:
>   a lot of them have (minor) pending changes

I've done that for mips and mipsel now.

> - for all ports: please test daily images and report any RC issues

mipsel/cobalt currently doesn't build because it needs the pwgen-udeb
that just entered the archive.  It has been built for mipsel already
but not yet uploaded.  Should be resolved in a day or two.

I added serial-console less installs for Cobalt via SSH (password is
either preseeded or a random one shown on the LCD); tested & working.

I also rearranged the DECstation images (which were a mess) and sent a
bug report with patch to debian-cd.

> When there are new kernel uploads, please update kernel udebs ASAP.
> There has also been a fairly recent (security) update of 2.4 kernels
> (2.4.27-12) in unstable; 2.4 kernel udebs should be updated if not
> done already.

This update hadn't happened on mips/mipsel because Thiemo has been
moving and I wasn't aware of -12.  I've compiled this on mips and
mipsel a few days ago, made udebs and uploaded everything to the

mips/mipsel are, afaict, ready - we just need some udebs pushed to
testing but I'll send a list when beta2 comes closer.

> For ports using 2.6.14/15 kernels base-installer has a template that sets

We don't have 2.6 kernels in the archive yet but I'm currently working
on that.  The 2.4 flavours work well, though.
Martin Michlmayr

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