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Re: Problem with Sarge Installation without CD and Internet

On Sun, Jan 22, 2006 at 05:17:49PM +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> * Do not Cc: me, because I am on THIS list, if I write here      *

> Hello,
> I have several homogenous networks and there is one web server which
> hold a virtualhost with a full Sarge mirror.
> The machines which I try to install do not have any CD-Rom drives and
> can not bootet using BOOTP.  The machines (mainly servers) have only
> intern (!!!) floppy drives and are without USB.
> OK, I am booting from floppys which are working fine up to the moment,
> where the Debs should be downloaded...
> Because the Sarge mirror is on a VHost, I cant get it by IP because it
> resolv to the physical server.  The network use /etc/hosts only.
> Unter Woody I have used
>   echo "  debian.intern.tld  debian" >>/etc/hosts
> and it was working.  Under Sarge it does not work.  Then I have tried
>   echo "  debian.intern.tld  debian" >>/target/etc/hosts
> Which gaved me the same problem.  Oh yes, I can ping
> How can I solv this problem?

Install and configure a Domain Name Server on your network,
that resolves debain.intern.tld into

> Thanks and nice weekend
>     Michelle Konzack


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