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Netboot/Businesscard stops working properly in VmWare

Both a locally built netboot image, on a sid system, and a sid_d-i
businesscard image have the same problem in VmWare (HD==SCSI with
emulate LSI Logic controller).

The HD is properly detected but strangely shows up as "SCSI1 (sda,,)
() - 996,4MB VMware, WMware virtual...".

partman-auto is loaded, I choose the "all files in one partition"
scheme, then I ACK writing the changes to disk.

The only (ext3) file system is suppsoedly created with the FS creation
progress bar reaching 100%.

However, immediately after, the installer stop and mentions that "The
ext" file system creation in partiton #1 of SCSI (sda,,) () has

/var/log/syslog nds up with:

Jan 17 22:43:50 partman: /sbin/tune2fs: No such file or directory
while trying o open /dev/scsi/host/bus/target/lun/part1

The device name here seems quite strange....

I suspect some mess with discover somewhere, because of the strange
devices names.


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