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Bug#348509: add support for local archives

Timo Aaltonen wrote:
> It would be nice to have support for local archives in apt-setup. Here's a 
> simple patch for that. Currently it supports only one repository because 
> it doesn't (well, I don't) know how to parse the string into multiple 
> entries. Maybe something like a ';' could be the delimiter?

Well, maybe. Another way to do it would be to make it walk over
apt-setup/local[0-9] and add the ones it finds.

Seems like a pretty good patch although we'll also have to document it
in the installation manual. 

What about apt key issues though, a local repo will not be signed by the
Debian archive key, so apt will refuse to install packages from it
unless a key is also somehow provided.

> echo >> $file
> if [ -n $local ]; then

Probably the echo should go inside the if block.

> +Template: apt-setup/local
> +Type: string
> +_Description: Local archive(s) to be added in sources.list

No need to localise this since it doesn't ask the question.

see shy jo

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