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Re: While documenting the source tree layout...

2006/1/15, Rob Landley <rob@landley.net>:
> Would someone please explain to me what the following directories are for:
> 1) debian
> No, this isn't deban-utils, this is build scripts, variant configurations, and
> packaging stuff for the use that debian made of busybox about three years
> ago.  I'm all for debian using busybox, but why on earth does the busybox
> tarball contain three year old copies of debian-specific config files?  ...
> I say nuke this directory.

I agree. I maintain a number of Debian packages myself. Including the
'debian' directory in the upstream source is difficult to coordinate.
It invariably becomes stale and a source of confusion.

Erik Andersen was the Debian maintainer, but this package is now being
maintained by the Debian Install System Team.


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