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Bug#347463: Fwd: Re: Bug#347463: Package: installation-reports

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Subject: Re: Bug#347463: Package: installation-reports
Date: Saturday 14 January 2006 12:44
From: Matthias Bloch <matthias@puffin.ch>
To: Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl>

> Mostly getting sound working is a question of installing alsa-base and
> alsa-utils, and running alsaconf.

no success. alsaconf says "have fun" & finds audiocard.
reboot / gdm restart -> login "no sound device"

ubuntu-installer detects audio correctly as well as knoppix & suse.
Perhaps this functionality could be "backported" from deb-derivate
ubuntu e.g.

> Debian aims to support a wide range of hardware by default. You are
> free however to add a vga= parameter when booting the installer to set
> your preferred resolution. It will even be carried forward to your
> bootloader configuration.

didn't work either.
The best I could get was a smaller font during some parts of the boot-up
process. At a certain point I was thrown back to 80x25.
I found some hints about recompiling the kernel & turning on
frame-buffer support or something..
As this is not quite easy & time consuming on my old machines: What
about offering an option in the installer: enable frame-buffer support&
grafic consoles.

Just proposing :-)

In my eyes most of us silly users "want" to put a cd in the slot, answer
a few questions and be there. While "want" is to be replaced with "are
able to" ;-)
I've seen *great* improvement as far as x is converned, so im hopeful
for the rest.
I'm sad to be unable to help, because I don't have the knowledge..

Have a nice day



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