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Re: [user-setup] Wrong home dir ownership

|--==> Free Ekanayaka writes:

  FE> Hi all,
  FE> it   seems that  when   preseeding the   value  of  the  user account,
  FE> user-setup-udeb doesn't set the ownership of home directory to the new
  FE> user.

  FE> I'm  using the  new user-setup-udeb with  the beta1   release and with
  FE> bleeding-edge etch  base-system,  I don't know  if this  might  be the
  FE> cause.

I've find out that the problem  is actually in my preseed/late_command
script, which is run by


and  which needs the new  user to be already  created, but is actually
run *before* user-setup:


Would it make sense to run the late_command a bit later?



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