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Re: Progress bar cancellation

Frans Pop wrote:
On Friday 13 January 2006 23:05, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

-Hiding "progress" and "back" buttons and turning "next" into "Cancel"
when the progressbar runs, to revert buttons back to their original
state later, when a question is displayed by gtk_go()

I think not displaying the buttons at all is probably the cleanest solution: they have no function, so why display them?

i think that, to guarantee coherency of the interface, it's important that key elements like the next and back button are always visible. When they are not needed (e.g.: when the progressbar runs) they should be simply grayed out instead of hidden (IIRC this is something that was decided back in time, during early developement of the GTK frontend). Maybe this could be invalidated if we choose to hide the "back" and the "screenshot" buttons while the progressbar run and turn the "next" button into "cancel" to stop the progressbar's run.

I still feel the progress bar should eventually become a separate modal window that is shown on top of the main screen. If that is realized the normal buttons could possibly remain on the main window while the window holding the progress bar gets only the cancel button.

actually the DFB's default WM offers no window borders painting, so even if we should move the progressbar inside a popup window, a frame is needed to make clear that the progressbar is inside a window rather than inside the frontend's main screen (like i did for the screenshot popup). What about a popup windows that contains both the progressbar and the "cancel" button, while leaving grayed out the screenshot, back and forwark buttons?



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