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Re: Situation of D-I, console fonts and Turkish/Kurdish

* Christian Perrier [2006-01-12 19:26:06+0100]
> Recent changes in the console-terminus package will need us to make
> changes in the localechooser package for Debian Installer.
> Indeed, for the Turkish language, after it was requested
> by the debian-l10n-turkish team, the console font was chosen to be
> "ter-v16f". When Kurdish came into the game, I decided to use this
> font for it as well, after the translator indicated me that it would
> be well suited.
> However, the console-terminux font names have now completely
> changed. So we need to choose the right font again.
> So, may some of you quickly try this font and tell me whether it's
> well suited?


I've switched the default Turkish (and also Kurdish[1]) locale to UTF-8
(r33992).  This transition has already been planned, and now I'm working on
other bits to make the transition happen without hassles.

[1] CCed to Erdal Ronahi.  He can always change the default locale for
Kurdish, though I highly recommend to keep the current setting.



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