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Script to Automate D-I

Could someone tell me where to get information about how to write an
installation script for debian-installer? I'm helping with a project
called Instlux (sourceforge.net/projects/instlux) whose goal is to
facilitate Windows users installing Linux. The installer will gather
information from the Windows registry, ask the user how much space to
give linux, and write that information to an installation script. The
computer will restart into a linux environment running off of the
user's FAT partition using grub4dos, and the linux installer will
automatically partition the disk, copy the linux distribution, and
configure the system based on the information in the installation
script. I haven't been able to find any documentation on how to write
such a script for d-i, though, so I would be very grateful if someone
could point me the way. Thank you for your help.

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