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Bug#345999: installation-report: Fails to detect CD

On Wednesday 11 January 2006 05:34, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 January 2006 01:23, Frans Pop wrote:
> > Felipe, were you using the daily images or the "Etch Beta1" images?
> Yes, I used the etch beta 1.

Hmm. Etch Beta1 _does_ still use discover, so that's ruled out as a cause.
Comparison of lsmod output would still be useful though.

> > Felipe, could you send us the output of 'lsmod' for both the old
> > installer (that worked) and the new one?
> That might be a problem, because the laptop is not currently here (it
> should back be in a couple of days). However, you mean booting the
> installer and switching to a virtual terminal, right?

Yes, no need to repartition or anything. Just boot the installer, get to 
the point where the CD should be read, copy the output of lsmod and 
reboot out of the installer.


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