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Re: non-free firmware in the linux kernel

* Kyle McMartin (kyle@mcmartin.ca) [060110 16:20]:
> I would argue it's the former. I can see the argument when it's a part of
> the source code, but not when it's a completely seperate entity.

Sorry, but there is no difference regarding DFSG: If the binary blob is
actually seperated from the kernel implementation, it can be treated as
binary blob (which I personally consider as non-program - but see
Steve's mail for details). Whether this binary blob is embedded in the
kernel source code (like we have IIRC for the pinguin boot logo) or not
(or is linked to the kernel during link time) doesn't make any
difference to this. It might however make an difference to
GPL-compatibility, unless the license is GPL-compatible anyways.


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