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m68k kbd-chooser problems

I'm chasing a kbd-chooser failure on m68k/mac. I'm hoping one of ya'll
smart folks can point me in the right direction.

The log looks like the following.

| INFO kbd-chooser: arch mac selected
| INFO choose_keymap: keymap = !@#$$%$
| ERROR **: kbd-chooser: cannot open file !@#$$%$

Where !@#$$%$ is clearly due to the fact that the variable keymap in 
kbd-chooser.c/main is never initialized.

It turns out that this line in kbd-chooser.c/keymap_select

| res = mydebconf_ask ( kb->deflt ? "low" : "high", template, &ptr);

returns 100, where template = console-keymaps-mac/keymap.

So chasing through /var/lib/cdebconf/questions.dat

| Name: console-keymaps-mac/keymap
| Template: console-keymaps-mac/keymap
| Ownders: d-i

and /var/lib/cdebconf/templates.dat.

| Name: console-keymaps-mac/keymap
| Type: select
| Description: Keymap to use:
| Description-[...]

Interestingly console-keymaps-mac.templates in the console-data source 
looks like the following.

| Template: console-keymaps-mac/keymap
| Type: select
| __choices: mac-us-std, mac-us-ext, mac-de2-ext, mac-fr2-ext, mac-fr3
| _Description: Keymap to use:

But nowhere in /var/lib/cdebconf/* is there any hit for mac-us-std.

I think I'm over my head.



Stephen R. Marenka     If life's not fun, you're not doing it right!

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