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Re: [partman] How to keep data in existing partitions

|--==> Holger Levsen writes:

  HL> Hi,
  HL> On Monday 09 January 2006 02:16, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>I'd like to instruct partman to create and  format a new partition for
  >>/home  when  none  is  available,  but  use  the existing   one   if a
  >>file-system is found.

  HL> 1.: You'll need to supply them shell-"magic" to load either a 
  HL> preseeding-sniplet with "keep" or "format", depending if /home is available.

I see.  Would it make sense to include  a few of  such sniplets in the
partman-auto   packages?  They  could be    used  in the  most  common
situations (as mine, I think) or as an example to write other sniplets
for more complex situations.

BTW are there some examples of such sniplets around?

  >>I've tried to preseed the following recipe using the "keep" method for
  HL> [...]
  >>8000 100000 1000000000 ext3                     \
  >>method{ keep } format{ }                \

  HL> 2.: You'll need to remove the "format{ }" if you use "method{ keep }"

Got it, thanks.



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