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Re: Discover status?

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Ian Murdock <imurdock@imurdock.com> writes:

Hello Ian,

I'll move this discussion to Debian-Boot that's the right list instead
of Debian-CD.

> Hi,
> Progeny got off the critical path of Discover development last June
> because it seemed like there were several people eager to devote
> resources to the project while our plate was full with other things,
> yet there hasn't been a release of either discover or discover-data
> since then. What's the word? Is the Alioth group still interested
> in taking on maintainership of discover and discover-data? If so,
> it would be great to do a release of discover-data, which hasn't
> been updated in nearly a year, particularly if you
> can easily convert the Discover 1 database to Discover 2 format.

Yes. We're interested and I and others did a lot of work on both
(discover and discover-data) packages. The problem is we didn't
finished the script to convert discover1-data to discover-data format
to be able to build from same source both databases.

I'm currently busy and cannot handle the migration script so I asked
Jeff to help me. He's also busy and that's why it's waiting.

If you or someone else could help with the conversion work it'll be

Thanks in advance,

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