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Bug#345654: please add NFS support

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> The patch below adds NFS support to network-pressed.  You can pass a
> NFS path in the form of nfs://$host/$path/$file and network-preseed
> will mount the NFS share and copy the file to d-i.  Obviously, this
> requires NFS support but this can be put on the initrd.  I intend to
> do this for Cobalt to allow SSH installations on machines without
> serial console.

What's the advantage over doing preseed from a web server for this?

> (I've no idea whether d-i has a program to generate a safe /tmp
> directory.)

If you mean temp file, it doesn't, but we don't worry about it since
everything runs as root anyway. If you mean nonoverlapping directory in
/tmp, a while loop with a counter will do.

see shy jo

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