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Bug#345584: discover1-data: pci.lst lists outdate driver

Quoting Eric Van Buggenhaut (ericvb@debian.org):
> Package: discover1-data
> Version: 1.2005.11.25
> Severity: normal
> Tags: patch
> discover tries to load an outdated module for device 8086:2448:
> atto:/usr/src/linux[0]# /etc/init.d/discover start
> Detecting hardware...Discovered hardware for these modules: i810_rng 
> e1000 ipw2200 piix i810_audio usb_uhci ehci_hcd
> * Skipping unavailable/built-in i810_rng module.
> i810_rng isn't part of linux kernel as of version 2.6. It should be 
> replaced by hw_random.
> Attached is a patch

Hmm, I suspect that the change should indeed be only made in
pci-26.lst, assuming I properly understand the purpose of this file
(overriding the content of pci.lst for 2.6 kernels)

Otherwise, we will also load hw_random with 2.4 kernels....

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