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G-I - udeb dependency resolution status

Some good news to the start the new year off with.

Over the past few days I've been playing with this issue. Joey gave me 
some needed background information and with that the solution proved to 
be not all that hard. However, implementing the solution will take time 
as several things need to happen in the correct order.

The whole solution depends on the patch in Joey's original proposal [1] 
for dpkg-dev being accepted. This has now been filed as #345475.

To supplement this I've proposed two patches in debhelper:
- to create the extra udeb: lines in shlibs files (#345471);
- to automatically use the extra udeb: lines when determining dependencies
  while building udebs (#345472).

When this has been implemented, all packages for libraries used in d-i 
need a small patch and need to be rebuilt so they get the udeb: lines in 
the shlibs files.
A udeb using libraries just needs to be rebuilt once this has happened for 
all library packages it should depend on (maybe in some cases current 
workarounds need to be removed and proper shlibs usage implemented).

Once all g-i udebs have been updated this way, we can integrate the build 
system for g-i in the main build system.


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