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Bug#345174: debian@sparc32@sbus

On Thursday 29 December 2005 15:32, Stock@spohr.debian.org, Dr.Jörn wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> Partman failed to partition 2GB disks. Both manual and automatic
> partitioning failed. After creating a 0,1GB /boot partition the
> remainung disk space is miscalculated as 771kByte. An error message
> said: Disk to small for automatic partitioning.... This came true for a
> ST32171WS and an IBM DCAS-32160.

Could you please send us the /var/log/partman for that error (gzipped)?

You will not have to overwrite your disks to do this. Just run the 
- do the partitioning (up to the point of the error)
- back up to the main menu
- copy the logfile off the system (using the save logs option in the menu)
- choose the option to break off the installation from the menu

Frans Pop

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