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Re: Status of partman-crypto

Max Vozeler wrote:
>    This plugin (cdebconf-plugin-entropy) is currently built
>    from inside a cdebconf tree. Much better would be some way to
>    build the plugin using a cdebconf-plugin-dev package or so.

I asked Mithander to check in his cdebconf support for out of tree
plugin building for cdebconf, and he did so last night, so you might
want to take a look at that.

>    But even with this plugin, the entropy of entered data is
>    not very high and takes many many keypresses by the user.

Have you considered perhaps using the existing disk contents that the
installer is going to overwrite as an entropy source? The entropy level
of a tyical windows install might be pretty high. ;-) So maybe mount and
play around with any existing filesystems.

see shy jo

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