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Bug#326959: installation-report: System hang on X-Windows login screen. Mouse working. Recovery-Mode working.

Quoting michaeljgd (michaeljgd@yahoo.de):
> Package: installation-report
> Followup-For: Bug #326959
> After installation form Netinst-CD the system restarts and comes to the login screen but without displaying any characters. Just the usual rectangles and their colors. System is a dual core amd 64 X2 3800+ on an ASUS A8NE-FM. dmesg: 1. Warning: NR_CPUS limit of 1 reached. ignored. 2. pcie_portdrv_probe->Dev[005d:10de] has invalid IRQ. Check vendor BIOS.

The system is "hanged" on the X-Window login screen, right?

If so, I'm afraid this is not a Debian installer bug, but has to be
reported against the relevant package.

Is the system responsive through the network (can you ping it, ssh
into if if SSH is installed, etc...) ?

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