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Re: tests to reduce memory

sferriol wrote:
> i make different modifications to pass the test:
> 1) i use cpio in rootskel/src-bootfloppy/init
> this avoid to use loop module, and to double memory used
> see di-rootskel-bootfloppy-cpio.diff.gz
> and in busybox/config-floppy-udeb-linux, i activate only:
> i do not test it with a bootfloppy and a usb key.
> and the root initrd floppy/usb must be a cpio archive
> i think if we can put 2.6 on floppy, it will be more easier
> so this option is just a draft

Well, that won't work for floppy+usb for sure, since the initrd on the
usb key needs to be something the 2.4 kernel can boot. Going with 2.6 on
a floppy would be nice, but I cannot get it to fit, can you?

The floppy+usb case is an edge case which we could consider dropping
support for.

(It is a pity that your diff obfuscates the actual significant changes
by adding / in front of so many filenames. The init script runs in the
root directory as far as I know but even if you want to change it to use
absolute paths there's no reason to do it as part of this patch.)

> 2) i modify main-menu to enable to execute some pre and post scripts 
> associated to a menu-item
> see di-main-menu-pre-post.diff.gz
> this is useful for lowmem to install base-installer, grub-installer,... 
> after partman-base menu-item
> i think this solution can be used for other functionalities

I dislike this patch, which I see you have applied already. d-i already
contains a generic method for inserting a menu item in between any two
other menu items. If you want to have a second anna run after
partitioning to install the udebs for the rest of the install, then you
should just insert a proper menu item that does it.

This patch makes main-menu do a lot of unnecessary work looking for
hooks that are almost never going to exist, too, for each and every menu

see shy jo

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