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Dropping M386 support in 2.6.15

Hi all,

due to upstream changes in 2.6.15-rc series, the current i386 386 flavour
does not build anymore with plain old M386 support activated. 

Deactivating those drivers - which need those instructions not available on 
M386 - is not an option, because for example ACPI and DRI do need CMPXCHG: 
deactivating those would render the 386 flavour useless on most non-M386 
hardware, and as a generic flavour for non-k7 and non-686 CPUs.

We dropped the security-buggy x86-i486_emu patch providing software 
emulation of CMPXCHG and other instructions with the 2.6.12-1 release of 
linux-2.6, so M386 support was broken anyway in all post-sarge kernel

For a related discussion before Sarge got released, see [1].

To document this change, the 386 flavour has been renamed to 486 in
SVN, and the config has been adapted to M486. 
2.6.15-rc5 will be uploaded to experimental soon, containing this change.

when 2.6.15 hits unstable, all concerned packages from the debian-installer 
should cope with this change apropriately.

Best regards
Frederik Schueler

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-kernel/2004/10/msg00027.html


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