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Re: [Debian-in-workers] Bengali rendering problem in D-I

Quoting Jamil Ahmed (itsjamil@gmail.com):
> Hello,
> Yesterday I downloaded the following ISO,
> http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i/gtk-miniiso/daily/i386/mini.iso
> And took some screen shots of Bengali sections. You can get them here,
> http://www.ankurbangla.org/screenshots/debian/index.php
> It seems rendering (?) problem. Help!

There are *many* rendering problems in g-i (pronounce gee-aye....just
like the soldiers from a certain country....this is the acronym that
raised for the "The Debian Graphical Installer).

The team is currently working on a solution for fonts handling which
is the first goal.

Another problem is handling the complex languages properly. For this
we need people who are able to read these languages and at least
confirm whether the solutions are correct or not.

I've been successful in hooking up at least one Arabic-speaker to the
project (Salam, Mohamed) but we certainly need people with skills in
Indic languages handling as well.

We don't necessarily need you to hack down the g-i but at the minimum
we need you to talk with and validate the technical solutions. Being
able to do some (guided) hacking in qemu or so would help as well, for

I suggest that interested people subscribe to the debian-boot mailing
list at lists.debian.org. This is where everything is happening.

Look at threads with the [g-i] marker mostly.

This will be a hard path but we'll do it. I remember the first version
of the Debian Installer featuring Arabic: it was not even written
right to left..:-). Now it's properly right to left, it uses shaping
and it is even right justified..:-)

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