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Bug#342043: installation-reports: etch beta1

> Lack NTFS mount option in installer, but have 2 fat32 options. (Can't see 
> the diffrence between the two)
> Though we can't write to NTFS, it's still readable. I think it's reasonable 
> to add such option.

I think we already have a request for NTFS support in partman. As this
is the only issue mentioned in your installation report, I therefore
close it.

Given that your installation was a complete success, I do as
usual with reports for successful installations: I close the bug..:-)

This does not of course mean you weren't right to report. Knowing the
installations are correct is important for the d-i team.

Many thanks for your time testing the Debian Installer and reporting
your results. Have fun with your new Debian system!

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