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Bug#340390: Installation report: disk detected with daily build

On Monday 05 December 2005 00:39, Ross Boylan wrote:
> The latest (Dec 3) daily build seems able to detect my hard drive.
> I got it via  PXE booting.

Glad to hear that. It was somewhat to be expected as the new images use a 
2.6.14 kernel instead of the 2.6.8 (sarge) and 2.6.12 (etch beta1) 
kernels. Apparently your hardware just wasn't supported yet.

Did you install Etch or Sid?
If you installed Etch you will have gotten the 2.6.12 kernel by default 
which will probably cause problems during the reboot.
If you installed Sid, you may run into problems with the generation of the 
initrd, although problems are more likely with older hardware than new.

Please let us know if we can close your installation report now.


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