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D-I image status and test result overview

Yesterday a lot of issues relevant for the sid_d-i images were fixed. This 
means that today we have the first images without major issues using 
2.6.14 (x86 and sparc64) after a few days without new CD builds.

I have tested netboot installations for both x86 (in vmware 5.5) and 
sparc64. Both successfully.

Most remaining issues I see are with the kernel and kernel installation 
and at least partly particular to devices used in vmware:
- vmware (<5.5) uses the BusLogic SCSI driver which is not sysfs ready
- vmware (=5.5) offers choice between the BusLogic SCSI driver and the
  LSI (Fusion) SCSI driver

Here's an overview. Only combinations I've tried are listed.

Note that d-i currently uses both udev and discover. The next step will be 
dropping discover and see what configurations break because of that.

2.6.14 kernel has a bug in memory management system (#341392). This bug is 
visible on boot for both the installer and the installed system. I've not 
seen any problems that could be caused by this though.

Installing etch using sid_d-i (x86):
- 2.6.14 kernel in installer; 2.6.12 kernel for installed system
- vmware with LSI
  - initrd-tools: gets confused because 2.6.14 needs an extra module
    mptspi that did not exist in 2.6.12; reboot fails (no bug filed)

Installing sid using sid_d-i (x86):
- 2.6.14 kernel in installer and for installed system
- vmware with BusLogic
  - yaird: does not support non-sysfs drivers; initrd is created, but does
    not boot (#336392)
  - initramfs: does not load BusLogic driver even though it is on the
    initrd (will file bug)
- vmware with LSI
  - yaird: generates good initrd; reboot ok
  - initramfs-tools: does not include new mptspi module needed for
    2.6.14; initrd is created, but does not boot (#341930)


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