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Bug#341665: installation-report: cd-detect fails to set mirror/suite

Joey Hess wrote:

Gws wrote:
Initial boot: To get the boot parameters for grub I booted from a cd populated with the iso on another machine and picked them up from syslog. There must be an easier way.

Well, there is the hd-media installation method which is documented in
the installation manual including boot parameters for this case. It also
doesn't require manul CD mounting, BTW.

So it does. I was having so much fun diggin' around in the code I never read the documents. Sorry. I should know better than to ask before reading the manual.

Detect CD: My first thought was to 'mount /dev/hda /cdrom' but found that I needed to run this step so mount points and such would be created. Then I could mount /dev/hda on /cdrom and re-execute the Detect CD step and it would complete successfully.

Install Base: This step failed attempting to read the package files from /cdrom/debian/dists//main. The blank component in the path name should have been 'testing'. I figured out that 'Detect CD' would normally 'db_set mirror/suite' but the manual mount caused the script to exit and this code was never reached. The cd mount test and db_set are at lines 16 and 168 of cdrom-detect.postinst.

I suppose it's a valid bug that cdrom-detect assumes that if the CD is
mounted it's already pulled info from it and doesn't check to see if it
has the info. Although very much an edge case since you should really be
using hd-media in this situation.

I agree. At the time I didn't realize that by mounting a cd manually I was messing up state data the installer was using. Now I see that assuming a mounted cd was mounted by cd-detect is quite reasonable.

Thanks for all your hard work making Debian more accessible by making it easy to install.


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