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Bug#341540: impossible to choose country in lowmem

Quoting sferriol (sylvain.ferriol@imag.fr):
> Package: localechooser
> in lowmem mode, the following questions are set:
> db_set debian-installer/locale "en_US" || true
> db_fset debian-installer/locale seen true
> but during install, we can not select the country.
> So when we have to configure time zone, it displays the following items:

Well, I don't see why this is assigned to localechooser. The package
does its job in that situation: the locale is preseeded to "en_US" so
the country question is skipped.

We have the choice of:

-have lowmem set the locale to C and see what happens in tzsetup then
-have it set the locale to "en" alone which should trigger a country

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