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Bug#341130: user-setup: No longer sets default user for exim4 configuration

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Apart from that, I see nothing and I'm not aware of anything which did
> set the first created user as default for exim4. Couldn't this be some
> code in exim4 itself?

Yes, I remember helping the exim4 maintainers figure out a way to do
that to avoid asking a question. Here's the code, in

if [ ! -e /etc/aliases ] || \
        ! grep -q '^root:[[:space:]]*[[:alnum:]]' /etc/aliases ; then
        db_get exim4/dc_postmaster
        if [ -z "$RET" ] && db_get passwd/username; then
                if [ "$dc_eximconfig_configtype" = "satellite" ]; then
                        db_set exim4/dc_postmaster "real-${RET}"
                        db_set exim4/dc_postmaster "${RET}"
        db_input high exim4/dc_postmaster || true
        db_go || true

One fix would be to add passwd/username to the list of debconf variables
that base-config propigates from d-i to the installed system. OTOH, maybe
there is a better way to communicate the user name to exim.

see shy jo

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