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Bug#339705: installation-reports

> In such a situtation I would probably recommend using the "Don't
> install bootloader" option in D-I main menu, then set things manually
> later....
> You probably need to use the medium priority for your install: "linux
> DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium" at boot prompt.
> We still seem to have an issue there but I highly suspect that you
> attempt to use a common /boot partition for both installs is the
> initial reason for the problems. I suspect you asked D-I to *keep* the
> existing /boot and got a mix of different GRUB versions trying to boot
> your new system.
I did keep the old contents of /boot. So I guess the recommended procedure 
would be to have different /boot partitions for different flavors of 
linux. I'll try it later. It still worries me that running grub-install 
from my running new Debian system was unable to fix the problem and that 
running grub-install from my old RedHat did work and also allowed me to 
boot Debian.

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