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Bug#339716: kbd-chooser: FTBFS (ppc64): Please support the ppc64 architecture

Hello Sven,

thanks for your reply. 

On 05-Nov-18 10:25, Sven Luther wrote:
> You are still at it, i see. I am not sure you really need to build a ppc64 d-i
> to install a pure-powerpc64 system, so i doubt there is any real advantage in
> getting the .udebs to build in 64bit mode.

You are right, it will not be necessary to have a 64bit d-i to
install a ppc64 userland. A 32bit d-i in combination with a 64bit kernel 
and some option to select 'ppc64' as the installation architecture will
probably be the easier solution.
> Please try instead to work on base-installer/debootstrap to be able to install
> your pure-powerpc64 stuff from a 32bit d-i userland running on a 64bit powerpc
> kernel as currently in debian.

I will do that. Actually 'debootstrap' already works quite well for 
ppc64 installations. I will try find a patch that makes 
'base-installer' aware of ppc64, so that the 32bit powerpc d-i in 
combination with a 64bit kernel can be used to install a ppc64 userland.

Andreas Jochens

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