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Bug#339565: sun sparc ultra 1e etch beta1

On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, Blars Blarson wrote:

It's not PCI, it's an sbus machine.  I think the onboard esp and hme
show up as sbus devices.  I think sbus can be probed like pci, but I
don't think discover has been trained to do so.

discover1 had support for sbus, discover (aka discover2) does not. However, I was told by Colin Watson that d-i is using hotplug for device discovery and finding the correct drivers these days. That is a problem, because this approach relies on the fact that drivers are sysfs-aware and export all necessary information through it. The esp driver is not sysfs-trained, so that causes detection problems. Proper fix would be to add such support to the driver on the kernel side, but I have no idea what kind of effort that requires.

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