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Bug#330004: acknowledged by developer (Isn't found in current code)

Hello and thanks for your answer,

sorry, i have to correct my spelling: i did not mean a failure, more a "little thing" of form.

i thought that in:
    while read action arg argb; do
        case "$action" in
            enable | disable) DISCOVER_ARGS="$DISCOVER_ARGS --$action=$arg" ;;
            skip) SKIPLIST="$SKIPLIST
the expression 'SKIPLIST="$SKIPLIST $arg"' was not thought to go over 2 lines.
the shell parses correct, indeed.

sorry onesmore

PS, could you delete my e-mail-adress off the failure-webpage, cause off spam?

330004@bugs.debian.org schrieb am 10.11.05 02:48:17:
> Package: discover1
> Version: 1.7.15
> Hello,
> I checked last code that was release and can't find the error that you
> pointed out. Please do a check if your script isn't outdated.
> If you confirm this issue in current version, please reopen this bug
> and we can double check it together :-D
> Thanks a lot!
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