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Re: graphical interface and partman

On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 10:47:30AM +0100, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> >Hi, ...
> >
> >Just a quick note, i highly dislike the way the graphical interface handles
> >the "yes i am sure i want to overwrite the partition table" thingy, this 
> >used
> >to be a yes/no/cancel question, defaulting to no, and it should stay that 
> >way
> >i believe, not using this tiny checkbox, accompanied with a cancel/continue
> >buttons as it is now.
> >
> well, that's a standard BOOLEAN question, so the GTK FE's way to diplay 
> it is correct; if you say the checkbox is not very beautiful i agree.. :(

Well, i disagree on this, checkboxes are not the only way to handle boolean
questions, and you have to think about the user experience, and especially for
something like "are you ok to wipe your old disk and lose all data" something
more flashy is needed.

Remember how the text interface did is, there was a go back on the left, and
two yes/no buttons to the right, defaulting to no, not this goback/continue

Again, if a UI element may warrant particular handling, it is this one, since
it can mean serious data lose and is the point of no return of the


Sven Luther

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