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Bug#337780: debian-installer-manual: please rm section 8.5. "Compiling a New Kernel"

reassign 337780 installation-guide

On Sunday 06 November 2005 14:57, maximilian attems wrote:
> * the chapter is out of date (not referring to the new common package).

I have updated that. The new common package is now referred to for those 
arches that use the common packaging and have a 2.6 kernel as default.
See for example: http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch08s05.html

> * there are lots of other references on the topic:
> - the debian-reference has an chapter about howto compile a new kernel
> for your debian box

Which is just as outdated...

> - the "Debian Linux Kernel Handbook" has lots of info on latest builds
> worked on by mh with input by trave11er and dilinger.

In which the sections relevant for end-users are still "to be 
I've added a link to the handbook though.

> if you consider aboves point not valid, feel free to close it away.
> i just stumbled upon it today at a friends place who read this manual
> and had shoot himself into the foot with a strange kernel .config.

If the kernel handbook fleshes out a bit more _and_ gets translated, I 
agree this bit could be dropped. For now I feel the very basic 
introduction it gives is not entirely out of place.
Keeping the bug report open as a reminder.


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