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Bug#244436: Please always ask FTP/HTTP when entering a custom mirror

So this bug report is basically about the following:
> - I wanted to use a custom (FTP) mirror.  I chose: mirror -> custom ->
>      hostname -> path -> error because it used HTTP.  When I try again,
>      I can choose between FTP and HTTP, but then it has forgotten the
>      hostname and path I entered previously.  I think it should ask
>      FTP/HTTP all the time when choosing a custom mirror, and remember
>      what I entered before.

I'm actually not sure anymore whether it's desirable to ask the
http/ftp question with a higher debconf priority.  However, it should
definitely remember the old values.  Joey, do you know if that's the
case now?

Incidentally, now that ftp is not compiled in by default, the reason
that ftp support is available might be an indication that the user
might want it, and maybe the question should be high instead of medium
in case of manual selection.

But I don't really mind either way.
Martin Michlmayr

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