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Bug#326723: acknowledged by developer (Bug#326723: fixed in discover1-data 1.2005.09.25)

Stefan Pauwels schrieb:

I have installed the discover1-data from unstable now (Version: 1.2005.09.25) but my network will still not work unless I ifdown eth0 rmmod dmfe and tulip, modprobe dmfe and ifup eth0 again.
Why are both of these modules loaded?

I also added "skip tulip" to /etc/discover.conf but that doesn't work.

Probably hotplug/udev are loading tulip. Not discover.

Before that, I had tulip in my hotplugs blacklist, but with the new udev from testing hotplug is gone and that trick doesn't work anymore.

module-init-tools version 3.2-pre9-1 and later should *temporary* support hotplug blacklists in /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/. The correct way to blacklist a module is to add it to modprobe.conf. Just add "blacklist tulip" to that file.


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