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Re: a blindunfriendly Sarge installer problem

On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 07:13:19PM +0100, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> I've just tried it (rc3 of 2005/03/05), and it almost works (it doesn't
> seem that the partition manager correctly asks the kernel to reload the
> partition table: I had to run fdisk /dev/ide/... then w, and I had
> troubles with exim).

Isn't it dangerous for other existing systems on your disk if you already 
have troubles before beginning?
> Aldo, you can find it on usual cd mirrors in
> /debian/dists/sarge/main/installer-i386/current/images/floppy/access/
> You'll need all of boot.img, root.img and net-drivers.img for a network
> install. Replace net-drivers.img by cd-drivers.img for a cd install (I
> don't think it is actually needed for ide drives though). Maybe these
> images should get quite more advertised: I had some difficulties to find
> them through the debian.org website and resorted to googling.

I really doesn't understand why after I asked / suggested for more thant 3 
or 4 times a totally other option than the one using boot flops, we are 
still talking about floppydisks.
Btw, what's the kernel booted? 2.4 I suppose?

Must I understand that it is impossible to find a solution based on 
passing params at boot like for Mandriva?
> People should note that not owning a braille device indeed prevents them
> from checking that screen reading works, but it does _not_ prevent them
> from checking that the installation process works, so people should try
> access floppies too (like I just did).

I really not understand why my sighted partner have a nice Debian 
installer who make the miracle of installing a Debian complete in less 
than 15 min. and why I should 
a) or depend from her
b) or have to use flops while in a few years everybody knows that there 
will be no one pc with flops builin
c) why the discussion still goes over a floppy based solution and not 
about my "Mandriva/Knopix-alike"solution?

(still not on the list, please answer with my address in BCC).

Osvaldo La Rosa.

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