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Re: a blindunfriendly Sarge installer problem


Sorry to have been postponing this for quite a long time.

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> > > How big is brltty ? 
> > 
> > A static bin is +/- 500k, I ignore how they did that for Mandriva or 
> > Knoppix.
> And probably don't need a static binary, as the .udeb will depend on libraries
> included in the initrd.

The current .udeb holds a ~175Ko binary. Version 3.7 might be bigger
since some drivers were added.

> > >Could we not include it by default ?
> > 
> > > Or create an initrd
> > > which includes them by default.
> > 
> > I will try reposting this question on our FR discussion list 
> > CarrefourBLinuX, sicne there are some developers who are more involved in 
> > programming, brltty, etc: they should make apropriate suggestions/answers.
> Well, brltty already builds a .udeb :
> Package: brltty-udeb
> Architecture: any
> Section: debian-installer
> Priority: extra
> Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}
> Description: Access software for a blind person using a soft braille terminal
>  This is a small version of brltty, optimized for use on boot floppies.
> So, maybe it is only a matter of including it ? 

It seems so, indeed: it holds a /usr/lib/prebaseconfig.d/50brltty that
grabs parameters from the kernel command line (just like Aldo asked
for), and prepares a /etc/brltty.conf. Then /etc/rcS.d/S02brltty gets
launched and starts brltty as appropriate.

With USB devices and recent brltty versions, there should even be no
need for any parameter, since autodetection is safe in such case.

Another solution for parameter passing could be pre-seeding, just like
other automatic installation parameters. The only important thing
is that it needs to be done _before_ the user has to read or type

Note: Mario Lang is still the maintainer for the brltty package, the sad
thing is that he doesn't seem to have much time to spend on it.


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