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Re: GTK miniiso on ppc arch

obviously the goal would be to achieve on ppc what we achieved for i386,
Which is a clean way of obtaninig the mini.iso using udebs and some few
Tgz (which afaik are binary compatible with those for i386)

> - my image was built with no library reduction as the linker failed to
> run the command issued by mklibs when trying to reduce libc.so.6

Sven proposed to try to fix this by using "cumulative linking": instead
Passing a very long command line to the linker (which seems to be the
cause of the
Breakage) the idea would be to perform the linking in a few steps, where
each step
Create an object file.

> - I needed only the fonts tgz-s and a tgz with the gtk.so as no udebs
> for ppc were available

Alastair uploaded the official deb needed to compile cdebconf-gtk; in
the meanwhile,
If any of you compiled it already, I'd suggest to make it available
somewhere, so that
You all use the same files and are synced while trying to track down the

I would try to compile a minimal gtk application and try to launch that
to see if the problem
Is in the libs or in the gtk.so itself. Attilio used ghello.c for his
experiments; ATM I don't have a copy
But you can find some code here:




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