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buggy preseed generates infinite loop...

Hi folks,

still working on my preseed issue...  I have a preseed file which is
available here:  

It works fine till a point late in the installation which I have
trouble pinpointing precisely -- but I think somewhere after "copying
packages to disk" and before "creating users".  The problem manifests
as an infinitely debian-installer loop -- d-i is started repeatedly,
dying ungracefully each time and then restarting in whichever console
is active (which makes it pretty much impossible to do any
console-level debugging -- the processes die and restart so quickly I
can't even read the output of ps, for instance). The syslog output is
also unreadable, and since grub isn't installed, I can't reboot and
identify the problem.  

I'm just wondering if anyone's seen this kind of problem before, or if
there are identifiable errors in my preseed file that make it clear
where my problem is.  Thanks for the help, as always!


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