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Re: Installation problem

On Fri, Oct 21, 2005 at 09:40:57AM -0500, Jean Chapelle wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> after tried a lot of different distribution I would like to go back to my
> favorite debian system. I try to install it on my new Computer but I ve a
> problem at the beginning of the installation. Indeed, I can't find some
> information about that. Here is th eproblem
> My screen is joined to the pc by the DVI port. I think is problem. When I
> run the installation, after some seconds the installation stop and I can
> read
> 2: Digital input
> Cannot ... with this display mode.
> I ve tried to change the resolution by passing some option at the boot
> prompt but that doesn t work. Please help me. Thnks in advance

Is it the monitor displaying the message, or is it software displaying
the message?

You could try disabling the framebuffer of the installer since it
doesn't get along with some LCDs in my experience.  One of the boot
prompt pages has info on how to do that.  I think video=vga16:off might
do it.

You loose support for any non latin1 languages that way of course, but
at least it might work.

Or you can connect a different monitor to try that if you have one.

Len Sorensen

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